You need pipes of many different types and sizes, for many different uses. Storm water, sanitary, pressure? No problem. Special dimensions? You got it. Pipes tough enough to withstand long jacking drives? No sweat. And unlike steel pipe, our pipes won’t corrode. They stand the test of time. They last.
We make contractors happy because we’re contractors too. We make engineers happy because we’re engineers too. We make owners happy because we deliver pipes that last. So when it comes to piping, call us. We speak your language.

The goal for water utilities today is increasing water production. Reducing water loss is a critical component.



Only tough is good enough.

Engineers want to specify piping that’s like their coffee: strong and readily available. Unlike a good cup of joe, our pipes are built to last for decades. We serve this need across the U.S. and Canada, manufacturing and delivering piping in a broad range of dimensions. We match the type of pipe with the specific need: tough, reliable concrete for performance; non-corrosive Flowtite® FRP instead of steel that corrodes; polymer concrete to eliminate vulnerable linings or coatings. Whatever will make your project successful.

We use materials you trust for extreme strength and longevity. We make pipes that are perfect for your jacking and microtunneling projects, and pipes that you can specify with confidence for storm water, gravity pressure/sewer, raw water, potable water delivery, and many other applications.

Pipes and more.

Our two flagship products are Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) and Flowtite®. Complementing our non-corrosive Flowtite® pipe, we design and build steel reinforced polymer concrete manholes and rigid, custom structures to hold up under the most severe H2S environments. We also manufacture Meyer® Polymer Concrete Pipe, Steel Reinforced Precast Polymer concrete manhole components and pipes and a range of other structures, often custom-poured.

Our products are designed for:

  • Clean water
  • Wastewater
  • Bulk water
  • Storm water
  • Irrigation
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Tunneling


We speak fluent contractor too.

Our teams of engineers and designers are highly experienced in the real world of contracting. We work closely with you to offer practical solutions to any piping or tunneling challenge. We can follow projects from conception through on-site field assistance to help you achieve a successful outcome.

In the U.S., 700,000 miles of aging infrastructure, at a cost of $384B, must be rehabilitated to maintain the current water supply through 2030.



Get to know us.

You get ulcers, worry about pipe corrosion, imagine pipe failures. Will they arrive on time? Fit right? Withstand the rigors of trenchless construction, of acidic environments, of constant pressure? It’s enough to keep you up all night.

Relax. Think of us as the antacid of the pipe manufacturing business. We understand the problems. That’s the reason we started this business. As utility contractors, we’d had our share of sleepless nights too. Then we found the cure.

We go to great lengths.

Headquartered in Rialto, Calif., we serve the whole of North America from our manufacturing plants, providing a full range of high quality pipes in standard diameters that range from 12″ to 156″ in 4′, 6′ and 8′ joint lengths. We even make them to order. For example, our reinforced concrete pipes are manufactured in diameters up to 156″, and polymer concrete manholes are manufactured in diameters up to 192″. Flowtite® pipes are available in a variety of standard pressure classes up to 464 psi depending on diameter, four different stiffness classes, and diameters ranging from 12″ to 156″. We can make practically any length of pipe you wish, up to 50 feet. To date, more than 200 million feet of Flowtite® pipes have been installed worldwide.

We deliver the goods.

We fully understand the importance of the timely arrival of the materials you need. So, in addition to our manufacturing plants, we operate a fleet of trucks that can deliver aggregate, dry bulk cement, and fly ash to your site. We also have a rock and aggregate distribution operator who can deliver raw materials by road or rail. We’re one of the only manufacturers who don’t have to depend on outside vendors.

Actually, we do know Jack.

Our Flow-CreteTM pipes combine the corrosion resistance and pressure performance of Flowtite® FRP pipe with the strength of reinforced concrete. This combination results in a jackable pressure pipe with the strength needed for longer jacking drives. Flow-CreteTM is manufactured to your exact project needs and specifications.

We supply pipes for practically any method, including direct bury, slipline, penstock, as well as jacking and microtunneling. We also make a variety of pipe joints, including tongue-and-groove flush-bell mortar joints and water-tight rubber gaskets.

In addition, we manufacture precast reinforced concrete boxes up to 14′ x 12′, elliptical and arch-type pipes, bevel pipes, precast and cut pipe S.E.T.s and a variety of specialty items.

Water use has been growing at a rate twice as fast as the population increase in the last century.


Our History

DJs played Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart and the Eagles. The first “Star Wars” movie opened. The Apple II computer was released. Gas cost a”horrendous” 65¢ a gallon. In 1977, contractor Ken Thompson started a company to install concrete pipelines and underground structures.

Ken’s business gradually shifted focus to the manufacturing of piping and related products, and a number of manufacturing facilities and haulers were established or acquired with the capacity to serve the whole U.S. The Thompson Pipe Group is still headquartered in Rialto, Calif.

We like to get mud on our boots.

Ken has created a company built around manufacturing efficiency and on meeting the needs of the most demanding capacities and lay schedules. Each manufacturing plant has teams of engineers and designers with the same hands-on contracting experience that forms the company’s roots. We can follow your project all the way from the drawing board to the construction site.

We cover North America.

With manufacturing plants and distribution facilities in six locations, our fleet of trucks or rail dispatchers can supply the whole of North America quickly and reliably.  We pride ourselves on delivering the right product on time, every time.


Leadership Team

Mike Leathers

Executive Vice President

Jeff LeBlanc

Director of Engineering

Branimir Kovac

Vice President

Thompson Pipe Group provides infrastructure performance that gets ahead of the problems.


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