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A more powerful player in the pipe industry

We are excited about the decision to acquire the concrete and steel pressure pipe assets of U.S. Pipe, a division of Forterra. We will operate under the name Thompson Pipe Group, and this makes us one of the largest and most diverse pressure pipe providers in North America, with manufacturing locations across the country.

We began as a utility construction company, and have since grown into a major provider of diverse large-diameter pipe and related products to the North American water infrastructure market.

This means that our expanded pressure pipe solutions to also include:

• Welded Steel Pressure Pipe (S-200) AWWA C200

• Bar-wrapped Concrete Cylinder Pipe (B-303) AWWA C303

• Prestressed Concrete Embedded Cylinder Pipe (E-301) AWWA C301

• Prestressed Concrete Lined Cylinder Pipe (L-301) AWWA C301

With this latest acquisition, we’re better positioned to serve the water, wastewater, power and industrial sectors with:

• the largest and most diverse offering of large-diameter pressure products
• the largest range of trenchless products and solutions
• the most complete engineering and transportation support within the sector

Customers will now be able to choose from an expanded range of products, including large-diameter concrete and steel pressure pipes, Flowtite®, fiberglass polymer pipe and structures, Flow-Crete™ and RCP.

“Our water infrastructure is in dire need of rehabilitation and/or replacement. It’s an enormous challenge, but one that TPG will be positioned to help meet. With a complete range of pipe products, we can serve our customers like never before,” comments EVP Mike Leathers.

While Thompson Pipe Group is expanding in response to growing market demand, the company remains at heart a family company, always mindful of its contracting and engineering roots. We can provide even greater levels of manufacturing, transportation, engineering and field support than previously, but always with the same commitment to relationship and doing the right thing.

We are excited to welcome our new team members from U.S. Pipe and offer them a place where they can grow professionally. The expanded company will not only be able to provide the market a more comprehensive service; the organization will have the ability to provide employees with broader opportunities across a wider skill set.

Thompson Pipe Group is continuing to grow, and you could grow together with us. We frequently have employment opportunities, in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and more. If you’re interested, simply drop us a line at to start the ball rolling.

Big news for the water infrastructure sector

Effective June 26, 2017, Thompson Pipe Group has entered a definitive agreement to acquire the concrete and steel pressure pipe assets of U.S. Pipe, a division of Forterra. The new entity will operate under the name Thompson Pipe Group, and becomes one of the largest and most diverse pressure pipe providers in North America, with manufacturing locations across the country.

Thompson Pipe Group will provide the water and wastewater infrastructure, as well as, the power and industrial markets with various pressure and gravity pipe product solutions for open-cut and trenchless installations. All our products will be backed by the most complete engineering support, field services, and transportation support within the sector.

The acquisition positions Thompson Pipe Group to serve the growing needs of a vital industry at an important time in its history.

“We are excited about the opportunity to take one company’s non-core asset, especially the people, and provide the focus and discipline to turn this business around,” says CEO, Ken D. Thompson. “My father started this company as a small private underground utility contractor in 1972. As we grew into large public works projects, we gained experience installing the very products that we now produce. We know what it takes to be the best construction partners for trenchless, drainage, water and wastewater owners, engineers, and contractors.”

“I’m very excited about our new lineup. We’ll now be able to supply exactly the right product for the right application on a national scale,” adds Executive Vice President Mike Leathers. “It’s an enormous challenge, but one that Thompson Pipe Group will be well equipped to meet. With a complete range of pipe products and the engineering support, we can serve our customers like never before. We’ll have, by far, the largest offering of open cut and trenchless product solutions in North America.”

Thompson Pipe Group is a privately held company headquartered in Rialto, California, with production plants situated throughout North America.

For further information, contact:

Thompson Pipe Group
(909) 434-1888

For media inquiries, contact:
Dacia Coffey

FRP and Hydraulic Efficiency

When selecting pipe for your next project, you want to consider all the economic and technical factors, including long-term implications relating to hydraulic performance. Join our October 26th webinar: “FRP and Hydraulic Efficiency.”

Pipe selection was once based primarily on purchase price. Today, engineers understand that lifecycle costs are just as important, if not more so. Hydraulic performance has an impact on many aspects of the total lifecycle costs of a pipe, as well as on installation costs. Our webinar will cover such critical areas as how comparing the hydraulic efficiency of different pipe materials may make it possible to specify pipe with a smaller diameter, thereby reducing a number of costs, including transportation and installation. We’ll also discuss how pumping costs can be kept to a minimum, maintenance costs can be reduced, operating costs be lowered, and pipe longevity be extended, all as a direct result of hydraulic performance. We’ll cover how sub-optimized hydraulic efficiency can lead to corrosion and leakage, possibly with costly environmental implications.

Different pipe materials perform differently from the point of view of hydraulic efficiency, and we’ll examine the relative performance of traditional materials such as PVC, ductile iron, more recent material developments such as bar-wrapped and steel, and the two main types of fiberglass pipe on the market today, centrifugal cast (CCFRPM) and continuous-wound (CWFRPM) pipe.

This webinar is relevant to a number areas of water application — including gravity, force main and pressure — providing actionable insights for engineers, decision makers and others dealing with the design, construction, maintenance and management of water and wastewater systems.

FRP and Hydraulic Efficiency
Recorded October 26, 2016
Watch the webinar today to learn more from our FRP experts.