Why We Make Pipe

As the father of two boys, I’ve cleaned up several stomach-turning messes. Years have passed since I’ve changed a diaper or emptied sour milk from abandoned airtight cups, but even then, I tried to keep perspective, and would often think about how a lot of dirty work yields huge satisfaction.

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This new case study on a FLOWTITE® FRP project reminded me that Thompson Pipe Group doesn’t just manufacture pipe, we help clean up enormous unhealthy messes. This brief overview explains how our FRP was used to create a bypass that eventually stopped sewage and polluted runoff from flowing into a shipping canal. In this instance, how our FRP was inserted into a concrete tunnel is just as important as why.

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The project underway, photo 1.

We had a rip-roarin’ good time at WEFTEC. 
Take a look at some of the evidence... er, I mean fun.

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Thompson Pipe Group

Take a look at some of the great media coverage we received when Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, visited our Johnson County Pope location.

If you want to host a similar event at your facility, email me and I’ll tell you how we worked with the American Concrete Pipe Association to make it happen.

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