Cost-effective sanitary pipe jacking in challenging soil conditions.

The case for Flow-Crete™

A couple of weeks ago, we had a family backyard barbecue to welcome summer. As I was threading some soft beef cubes and mushrooms onto skewers, I was reminded of Flow-Crete™, which is a rigid concrete pipe lined with FRP.

It’s a problem for me, always thinking about our industry.

As you probably know, tunneling through soft soil conditions can involve difficulties steering the equipment or jacking pipe accurately. In fact, this was a concern for the Edmonton Big Lake Sanitary Trunk Sewer project awhile back.

Open-cut and pipe embedment looked to be a costly operation, so trenchless FRP looked to be a good option, but jacking through soft, peaty soil might be a problem. The most cost-effective solution turned out to be Flow-Crete™, which provides the rigidity and weight of concrete with the corrosion-resistance of FRP and the ease of FRP Flowtite® REKA watertight push-together joints. Read more about the Edmonton Big Lake solution in this case studyLearn more about the Flow-Crete™ solution in this video.

I can’t wait for more jobs to use Flow-Crete™, and especially this method for single-pass pressure pipe applications. Have a wonderful summer, and if you think of any industry needs while you enjoy the weather, simply let me know!

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