My wife and I make any big decisions together, because two heads are generally better than one. Certainly, having two dollars is better than having one, and a two-day weekend is better than just one day off.

A question of survival.


We’ve all seen adventure movies where the hero and heroine are trapped in a dungeon and the walls begin to move closer and closer together. It’s a bit like our water sustainability challenge. One wall is the growing urban population; the other is our decaying infrastructure. The demand floor moves up; the budget ceiling creeps down. The heroes — our kids and grandkids — could soon suffer a horrible fate.

Luckily, help is on the way. Far-seeing engineers advocate a life-cycle approach to costs and promote Integrated Urban Water Management. Educational initiatives inspire the engineers of the future and raise public awareness. Advanced Metering Infrastructure and similar measures help protect our resources, while smart filtration and new reuse applications step up the push toward sustainability. There’s even a groundswell of support for investing in fixing or replacing our aging water infrastructure.

No wonder the theme at WEFTEC this year is Innovation. You’ll find me in or around Booth #1379, so stop by and we can talk about why a happy outcome can be more than a pipe dream.


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