children in Haiti

A matter of life expectancy

Something remarkable just happened with Flowtite® FRP, and I have to share the news. But I also want to put it into context, so bear with me.

I’ll start with some great news for all of you who’ve been thinking about writing specs for your next water project. The service life of Flowtite® FRP has now been extended to a whopping 150 years. Just think about that for a minute. The water pipe you spec tomorrow could still be in service in the year 2160. That means that your grandchildren’s children may still be using a faucet—if they still use faucets then—that sits on the end of a potable water pipe that you had installed. Heady thought, isn’t it?

On a more sobering note, I’d like to tell you about my last trip to Haiti. Because as much as we complain about the sad state of our infrastructure here in the U.S.—and I definitely do complain, with reason—I have to tell you that in Haiti, life expectancy is woefully short, and getting shorter.

A big part of the problem is the lack of potable water. More than 4.5 million Haitians lack access to safe water, and in some rural areas, 90% of the population lack any proper sanitation. This leads to the spread of cholera and more.

The 2010 earthquake made a bad situation much worse. My family and I have traveled there for several years to do what little we can to help. There are several reasons why we do this, including as a valuable life experience for our sons. I urge those of you with a mind to help out to consider a small donation to an organization of your choosing to help bring hope to neighbors so sorely in need.

While I was in Haiti, I found myself tasked with digging up and helping to replace some damaged PVC water pipe. It occurred to me that it was a shame they didn’t have access to pipes that could last 150 years. I bet you can’t imagine which one I was thinking about.



P.S. Where will the pipe you spec today be in the year 2160? Our upcoming webinar, "FRP Installation: What You Need to Know," may provide some clues.